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SinkMate is the ultimate solution to all your kitchen and bathroom problems. With its silicone kitchen faucet absorbent mat, sink sponge holder, foldable sink drainer, bathroom countertop protector, and kitchen organizer, SinkMate keeps your countertop dry, clean, and organized. Its self-draining and easy-to-air-dry design provide you with a hassle-free convenient solution for your everyday kitchen and bathroom needs.

Keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops dry

No more wet and dirty sinks with SinkMate's silicone kitchen faucet absorbent mat and foldable sink drainer.

Unlock the Art of Balance

Whether it is kitchen utensils or bathroom essentials, SinkMate's kitchen organizer and bathroom countertop protector provide you with ample space to keep everything in a designated area.

Keep your sink sponge handy and hygienic

No more worrying about where to put your sponge with SinkMate's sink sponge holder; placed within an arm's reach, your sponge stays dry and hygienic.

Ultimate Guide to Freshness

SinkMate's self-draining feature prevents the growth of bacteria and odor, keeping your kitchen and bathroom safe and pleasant always.

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Name: Faucet absorbent pad
Material: Silicone
color: grey
Size: About 14.6*5.6inch/37*14cm
Weight: about 185 grams
Packing List:
1* Faucet absorbent pad

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